Friday, May 14, 2010

Saving the Roses and a Bird!

This morning, after taking Baxter for a quick walk to the park, Alvin and I decided to get some yardwork done before the work day started.  As he was mowing the front lawn, I pruned the knock-out rose bushes.  Unfortunately, they were looking so dried out and most the flowers were dead, with no sign of new buds coming in.  They started out so strong this spring, but I think there was a week or so of no rain that caused them to get dried out.  So, in hopes of saving them, I decided to go ahead and cut off all the flowers and cut the bushes down a bit to give them a fresh start.  I was able to save a few of the flowers and am enjoying them in the white ceramic vase you see above.  Hopefully my plan will work, and with some daily watering, they will come back strong.  Cross your fingers for me!

Then as Alvin was finishing up the mowing, he noticed a young bird laying on the side of the house.  The poor thing was breathing really hard and looked like it had a small cut around it's neck area.  So, we put it in this box and made it as comfy as possible with a soft old tshirt and some grass.  We weren't sure if there was anything more we could do, but we called 311 (Mecklenburg County Services) to find out.  And they actually sent over Animal Control who picked up the bird.  They told us they had a wildlife specialist that would probably be able to save the bird!  So, we feel very good that we gave the little guy a chance.  Hopefully he'll fly back here one day and eat some seed from our bird feeder :)

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  1. My daughter and her friend recently found a baby bird outside its nest and fed it a worm which it quickly ate. I don't know if it survived, but I really hope it did. I hope yours does, too. Good luck with the rose bushes, they're really sturdy once they get going. Pretty arrangement you made!