Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Craft Party {Fun with Moss}

For April, we gathered at Christina's house in Plaza Midwood and had some fun with moss, making topiaries and wreaths....

I created a couple mossy goodies... First, a wreath for my door.  I think it turned out kinda fun, but now that I see it in this pic, it needs more bright green on the left side (one more thing for my to-do list!).

Second, a little moss ball vignette. I couldnt decide where to put this.  I tried several places and liked it by this lamp at first, but felt it was too hard to appreciate all the pretty texture of them from so far away...

In the end, the coffee table in the screened in porch was the perfect spot.  It really tied in with the green color scheme and nature theme going on in there.  What do you think?

For some ideas, inspiration, and instructions, check out these great posts Christina shared with us:

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  1. Renee, your moss looks awesome! I especially love what you did with the ones on porch...everyone's turned out different but so cute...can't wait for the next craft party! BTW, will drop off your cheese knives sometime this week. :)