Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recovered Ottomans and A Roadside Treasure

It's been a very productive weekend here at the Charlotte Cottage - thrift shopping, landscaping, rearranging furniture, and even some DIY'ing!  But the thing I am most excited about was a total surprise and super easy!  Check out this gorgeous roadside treasure I found on my way to the dog park - a rustic white iron fireplace cover!

Isn't it a huge change from this black one I had before? 

I loved the black one, don't get me wrong, it was a great buy from Target several years ago, but this white one seems to have really brightened up the entire room.  It's inspired me to lighten up things a bit and go for a more "summery" feel in the living space.   So, I'm on the hunt for some pillows and have been re-arranging furniture and accessories to get that look.  Which leads me to the next topic, the recovered ottomans.

This DIY project has given the room another fun summer touch.  I've been eyeing these little ottoman's from Target for a while now.  I love the curved crossing legs and I knew they would be super simple to recover.  So, when they went on sale, I finally broke down and ordered them - click here to find them on (free shipping too!).

I had some pretty navy and white fabric with a fun coral pattern that I found on one of my Metrolina shopping sprees, so I decided to use it for the ottomans.  Other than that, all I needed was a good pair of scissors and a staple gun, and wah-lah!!!

And here's some pictures of how they fit into the room with the new furniture arrangement.  I love how this arrangement opens up the view to the fireplace and built-ins.  Plus it turned my 4-seater living room into a comfortable 6-seater!

PS - The curtains aren't installed yet.  I have them hanging over the shutters for now to see if I like them.  Are you digging it or does it feel like just too much blue & white pattern?  Hmmmm....


  1. I love your style! Are you not on Twitter? (From a Charlotte person with a much sadder looking cottage who needs help)

  2. It is not too much blue and white. I love it!!