Thursday, August 13, 2009

Desperate for Art

My house is in desperate need of some artwork to add some interest and color. But I have such a hard time finding anything in the store that I like, and it's just so expensive! So, instead, I have decided to become my own photographer. I am not sure how the picture quality will turn out in print yet, but I figured it's worth a try. So far, I have just taken a couple photos of things around the house which I've posted here. I think the hydrangeas will look nice in little white antique frames in my bathroom. I also plan on going around the neighborhood to get some pics - like unique front doors, or front-porch swings, or maybe just cool bungalows. I figure if I keep it simple and group similar things into a photo collage, it could work. So, yet another project is in the works, but this one will be really fun!


  1. ha ha!! I found you! Love the blog! You have to keep it going. Your pics look really good. And, Baxter's head in the other pic is hilarious!

  2. You are so creative Renee! This is an idea that I have been thinking of doing as well since I am having no luck with finding artwork for my house and am so tired of having bare walls!