Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chair Rehab

It's been a while since I've actually completed any house projects, so I'm happy to report I finally got something done. And I'm excited because I think I found the easiest and most rewarding house project yet! This one is sure to make anyone feel like a fab designer and get the instant design satisfaction we all crave... It's Chair Rehab! Yep, I took an old chair that had good lines but was very dated, and I turned it into a modern cottage chair that will go great on my screened in porch! I found the chair at one of my favorite shops - Habitat for Humanity's Restore ( on Wendover. After that, all it took was some spray paint, fabric, batting, a screwdriever, and a staple gun. I actually couldn't belive how simple it was. Covering the seat with new fabric was just like wrapping a present!



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