Monday, November 2, 2009

Screened Porch Makeover

If you've ever ventured down Central Ave past my neighborhood (Plaza Midwood), you know that it turns into a series of Chinese/Vietnamese/Mexican strip malls. It's not very pretty to look at, but Alvin and I have found that this area actually has a lot to offer for Charlotte cuisine. We've recently started to try out some of these places and have been pleasantly surprised with the food. What does this have to do with my screened porch makeover, you ask? Well, after trying a Vietnamese place called Bhen Thahn , which had some delicious pho soup and yummy coconut curry, I convinced Alvin to take a quick detour on the way home. So we stopped at one of my favorite spots - Restore. After all, it's the type of place where you never know what you will find. So if you are near by, its always good to stop and take a quick look.

It turned out to be a great choice because I found the white wicker set that I have been looking for all summer to complete my screened porch makeover! I have bought several other pieces this summer that help give this room a "cottagey" feel - (1) the 2 shabby white rocking chairs that I posted about earlier, (2) the chair that I "rehabbed" in my last post, (3) a small pine table that folds down on each side - another Restore find, (4) a white painted chair that I found at a nearby yard sale, (5) a black rattan trunk from the same yard sale, (6) a rug from FLOR which I originally intended for my bedroom, and (7) the Black and White sofa cushion which I found at the Midtown Marshall's.

The white wicker set had the shabby look I was going for with some nice vintage details that made it unique. After Alvin helped me with some rearranging to fit in all the pieces, it came together perfectly! One thing that I really love is the old glass door that we hung over the wicker sofa. It came from an old hutch that was left outside when we moved in. I'd like to paint it one day to make it look more like artwork. We strategically placed the plants to try and get as much privacy as possible, and I planted some creeping fig against the outside wall that I am hoping will crawl up the wall and eventually add a ton of privacy too.

I still have to finish the room with some pillows, curtains, and accessories - which is the most fun part - so I will post one final picture once it's complete. Alvin and I have already enjoyed this room by sitting out there with a bottle of wine on Halloween night as we waited for the tricker treaters. We also had some yummy pumpkin pancakes and hot coffee out there the next morning. Next we'll have to get some take out from our new favorite Vietnamese place and enjoy it on the porch :)

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