Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Trip to Atlanta

I took another road trip 2 weekends ago, this time to the big city of Atlanta, or as some call it, "the ATL".  I went to visit my "boo" (ATL speak for boyfriend) and attend one of his friend's weddings.  I actually got him to smile in this picture, and for those of you who don't know Alvin, a true smile in a pic is hard to come by, so I had to include it here :)

Anyway, we lucked out that the Dogwood Festival happened to be going on, so we got to go check it out on Saturday morning.  There was tons of different types of art, several things I liked, but I guess I was being lazy because I didn't take any pictures except for a few of the Jack Hill work, which was absolutely hilarious because Alvin's full name is Jack Alvin Hill, and this happened to be the one and only type of art that Alvin actually liked.  Take a look at the pics and you'll see why...

The apple below with the two naked body shapes at the core is called "Love at First Bite".  The rest had funny and creative names as well, I wish I would have written them down...

Ok, I think you get the idea, haha.

Now, onto the main point of this post, the part that you design lovers (Susan!) will enjoy.  When Alvin is working in the ATL, he gets to stay in a place that is walking distance to tons of shops, one of which is ZGallerie.  I had forgotten how much I LOVED this place until I walked by and re-discovered it there, and the prices for the home decor items really aren't that bad - alot of stuff for $20 and under.  Oh how I wish Charlotte would get one of these stores.  [Correction:  As my friend Susan pointed out in her comment below, we DO have one of these in Charlotte, it's at Northlake mall.  That could be dangerous!]  I spent a long time slowly walking through this store practically drooling over the decor.  Here are some pics so you can re-live it with me, enjoy...

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  1. First thing......silly girl, we have ZGallerie at North Lake Mall! Second.....I'm glad Alvin can now smile....must be the old age! :)