Friday, July 16, 2010

Total Transformation

The transformation of my little house on Chestnut Avenue has finally begun and I am absoulutely giddy with excitement!  It only took one day and one man to come in and completely transform the look and feel of the entire place.  I am completely amazed what knocking down a couple walls can do - the space is completely transformed from small choppy rooms into one big open space that I've been dreaming of for over 3 years! 

It really feels like the house is 10 times bigger now, and I can't wait to get to the finished product and throw a big party to enjoy it.  I'm getting a bit ahead of myself though because even though the demo only took one day, it will take about another month to finish off all the details like the floors, electric, trim, paint, etc.  My awesome neighbor, Matt Ferguson, has his own contracting company (check out his website here - Stirling Group).  I'm so happy that he was nice enough to take on this project since he does such a great job with restoring old homes.  He is a perfectionist and really thinks about all the little details that will make this new space something special.  Anyway, much more to come about the details as we go through the process.  For now, are you ready to see the transformation!?!?!?


View from Front Door....
(As you can see, I played around with some paint samples and Somebody, named Alvin, was drawing on the wall...)

View of Hallway from Living Room...

View from the Kitchen.....



View from Front Door...

View of where the Hallway used to be...

View from the Kitchen (in front of the door this time)...

So, what do you think?!?


  1. I love it! I can't wait to see this in person! Your house really does look so much bigger, it is going to be amazing! When can Matt start at my house?

  2. Renee, that's awesome! So glad you are finally getting to do it. Can't wait to see it finished!