Friday, August 20, 2010

The Transformation Continues: Floors Phase 1

This pile of wood was been sitting in the living room for a while, so I am happy to say that the pile is now gone, and it's all been integrated in with the original dining room floors to ensure a seamless look in the big open space we have created.  What's cool about the pile of wood is that it is actually salvaged from a house that was built in the same decade as ours - the 1930's.  By using wood from the same time period, and in the same width of course, it will look like the floors have always been there and keep the character of the house in tact.  Plus, it's always good to be "green" by re-using something old!

You may be asking why we had to put in so much new flooring.  Well, the dining room and hallway, which are now just one big space, had different types of floors!  Since the dining room floors were the same as the living room, we got rid of the hallway floors and then spread the exisiting dining room floors across the room into where the hallway used to be.  Then we randomly mixed in the salvaged wood to fill in the rest of the space, which should help it all blend together and keep the look as cohesive as possible. 

By the way, when I say "we", I really mean the floor guy, haha.  I can't take credit for any of the physical labor.  And the idea for blending the two floors together was all Matt, my contractor.  I just love knowing that we're taking extra steps to make things look like they have always been this way!

Ok, now for some pictures.  I couldn't get the best before pics since the floors were all covered up at the time, but you can at least see the big gaps in the floor where the wall used to be:

And here is how the floors look now after blending in the salvaged wood.  Keep in mind that the 2nd phase will include sanding and staining them so that it will all be one color and nice and smooth.

Can't wait to see them after they are sanded!

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