Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabric Friday

Ever since I tried out the iron-on fabric glue strips that comes with Ikea curtains, I am sold on the fact that I don't have to limit myself to the curtain choices that are out there.  So, as part of my transformation, I am planning on making my own curatins, woohoo!  First step of course, will be to find the perfect fabric!  Today I got the chance to stop by a great little fabric shop in Elizabeth called Zoe on 8th.  She doesn't have a huge selection to sell to the public because her main business is to sell to retail shops, but what she does have is really nice and she has a section of some great remnants. 

I immediately came across a gorgeous outdoor fabric in the navy and white colors I like, so they cut me a little swatch to take home. She didn't have enough to make curtains out of, but it was a Better Homes and Gardens fabric, so I decided I should try to find it online.  After a quick search, I didn't find that exact fabric, but I did discover lots of great fabric at JoAnn Fabrics, plus they are all 50% off right now!  Here are some of my favorites, and I think I've picked out one for the curtains.  Which one would you chooose?

Annie Selke Links

Waverly Outdoor Coral Trellis
Waverly Outdoor Sundial Nautical

Waverly Carino Azure

Better Homes and Gardens Blue Traditions Wicklow
Waverly Moorea Lapis

Annie Selke Tala

Waverly Outdoor Muse

As for the Zoe shop and the BHG fabric, I think I'll end up going back to get that fabric and save it for when I learn to make pillows one day!!  Oh, she also gave me a great tip that there is a custom upholstery shop right here in Plaza-Midwood!  It's called Design Upholstery of Charlotte and they also make custom furniture.  Since I've been wanting to get a couch with a dog-friendly fabric, I will definitely be going to check them out.  I already sent in an email for a free estimate, so I'll let you know how it turns out!

Oh yea, and to pick the best curtain fabric, keep in mind that I am planning on getting one of these Dash & Albert Indoor/Outdoor rugs for the living room (so excited about the dog-friendliness of these!):

Captain Stripe Navy

Otis Navy

Thanks for your help and have a great Friday!!


  1. This is so hard to pick! I think I am leaning towards the Waverly Outdoor Sundial Nautical, or the Annie Selke Tala, but really, I do like them all! Can't wait to see more updates!

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