Monday, September 13, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Can you count the number of paint samples on this wall?!?  And this is just one wall, haha. I am definitely the Queen of Indecision lately.  This renovation has come with way more decisions than I ever would have thought, paint is just the obvious one.  I really wanted to do all white, but realized it's just not practical.  So, I decided a really light neutral would be a good compromise.  What's funny is that the very first color I put on the wall is going to end up being the one, except I'm going to lighten it by 50%.  It's Glidden Natural Wicker, which you can find in the top right color palette here.  Hopefully I won't change my mind before it's time to paint :)
EDIT: I actually DID change my mind, big surprise, right?  I ended up using Benjamin Moore Pale Oak and I absolutely love it!  It was a last minute decision, I literally was putting my hair dryer to the sample as the paint guys were showing up and waiting on my decision.  See how the color turned out in this post:

Another decision I am trying to make right now is on the hardware for the built-ins.  You would think I could just find something at the local hardware store, but no such luck.  I tried to do that but just wasn't excited about anything I could find at the store and I wanted something slightly larger than the standard since the cabinets are pretty big.  So, I've been searching online on all kinds of websites from to  Luckily I narrowed it down to oil-rubbed bronze for the finish, but it still has been very difficlut to find a set that would work for the drawers, doors, and the bookcase nook.  I want to find all 3 from the same manufacturer to make sure the color turned out pefectly matching.  Here are some of my favorites...  There are so many more, but I think you get the picture!

Now, what am I to do with the two wall sconces that are hardwired on either side of the mantle.  They are currently some cheap-looking ones that we spray painted silver a long time ago.  I really want to replace them with something nicer, but am having a tough time deciding of course.  I found several great sites to search for lighting including,,, and  For some reason, I was really drawn to the sconces that were really meant for outdoors, but here are several that I'm considering...

So many decisions, so little time...

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