Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun with Poinsettas

The fireplace mantle filled with bright red poinsettas...

I also added a couple stems in the little bookcase nook...

And finally, one in the bathroom...

Isn't everything more festive and gorgeous with poinsettas?!  Ok, adding a little red ribbon, candles, and white lights doesn't hurt either :)


  1. Your place looks amazing!!! Perfectly festive and wonderfully styled- happy holidays!!

  2. Ok, i know I'm behind but I haven't seen your blog in a while...after seeing the poinsettia idea in person at your house, I am definitely going to steal it for next beautiful!! You will probably come over and remember and think that was so last year and be onto something new and crafty but oh well I am mostly a follower when it comes to decorating, what can I say? :)