Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lonny Look-Alike

A friend of mine, Danielle from Bella Vita, recently posted about her Love of Lonny Magazine.  I had never heard of Lonny, so I went to check it out and was amazed by all the gorgeous inspiration pictures.  In the Living Room section, I came across this picture.  Recognize anything????

Yep, I have the same curtain panels in my dining room!!  I recently gave you guys a sneak peek of them (click here) and still haven't posted a picture of the final outcome.  So, now is as good a time as any.... 

First, a couple pictures of how I made them.  I just measured them out and then used some of that fabric glue/tape that you can find at any craft store to give it a finished seam.  The key to getting them the right length is to do the top and side seams first, then hang them on the rod with the clips you are going to use.  Once they are hanging, you can easily just fold over the bottom at the level you like and hold it together at that spot with a binder clip or whatever you have handy.  Then simply take the curtain panel back down to iron on the fabric glue for the bottom seam.  I like them to be touching the floor, but not actually resting on the floor - pretty much the same way I like my jeans :) 


And here is the final outcome... I love how they look with the rustic pieces and the pop of red as the accent, but I also can't wait to try changing out the red with the sea glass color that is shown on the walls in the Lonny picture.  Seems like this pattern and color can go from rustic to glamorous in an instant!

Here is how they flow with the rest of the living/dining area....


  1. Hi!

    Where did you purchase the beautiful ikat material and who makes it? It really has that 'WOW' factor and I imagine it looks even more beautiful in person. Love it and your instructions!! Great job!

  2. Hi there! It is the Kalah fabric from Calico Corners. You can find a link to it in a recent post, "Ikat Love". Thanks so much for your nice comment!