Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birds, Butterflies, Books, and more...

I know you have been waiting on pins and needles to see what I found at Sleepy Poet.  Good news, the wait is finally over :)

I think my new obsession is birds and butterflies, I seem to be totally drawn to anything that has to do with them.  Susan was making fun of me by the end of our shopping day because I would "ooh" and "ahh" over every single bird cage, butterfly fabric, etc.  I ended up with just a few "b & b" items that I thought might fit well on my screened in porch.  Of course, I'll be painting the frames white and I have a couple fun ideas for displaying the print and plates.  And the item on the bottom middle is just a big book of birds, perfect for bird watching on th porch this summer (Lindsay, I know you're jealous!). 

Next, I found these 2 stars.  I'm not even sure where I will put them yet, but they will definitely add some character wherever they go.  I'll most likely spray paint the yellow one either white or black...

Then I found this piece of fabric (left) that I fell in love with and I'm hoping to turn into a table runner or napkins.  Not that I really know how to do that yet, but I figure I'll take a shot at it with some of that iron-on fabric tape and see what happens.  The fabric on the right is actually a set of 2 pillow shams, which should go nicely with my guest bedroom colors.

Here are a couple random items that I couldnt' resist.  First is a green glass vase which was only $1.  It looks so nice on the windowsill that it's inspired me to keep my eye open for similar pieces so I can have a collection for the kitchen window.  Next is just a pretty little storage box that I think I'll convert into a little charging station (for cell phones, camera, etc.).

I also got a few fun books, mainly for decorating, but they also looked interesting enough that I might read one day.  My favorite is the Charlotte book - the bright blue color goes great with my color scheme and of course I love all things Charlotte!  There are some really great pics in it, check it out...

I also found a couple design inspiration books.  The Flea Market Style mag is awesome so far, and I'm looking forward to getting into the "Small House, Big Style" one this weekend with a cup of coffee.

I had to go back on Sunday to grab these 4 wooden trays.  I know they don't look like anything special, but I have lots of fun ideas of how to use these suckers...

And finally, you saw these already, but I got 2 of these fabulous bird candle holders and I LOVE THEM!

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  1. So cute! I love everything you got, especially when I see it all again in the photos! I had so much fun, I now see why you are addicted to that place! I have been out of town for work, but will definitely have to do a quick post to show off my new stuff as well! Can't wait until you help me stage my shelves!