Monday, March 29, 2010

A Monday of Surprises

Today started out rainy and cold, and it looked like it would be just another Monday full of clouds. There were tornado warnings late yesterday and thunderstorms all through the night.  Luckily I had power in the morning, so I could make a cup of coffee and work from home.  Once I got settled at my desk, Baxter made himself comfy in all the porch pillows I had brought inside to keep out of the rain... 

A few hours later, the mailman came by and I was suprised by this sweet card from Alvin! It definitely put a smile on my face and made the cloudy day feel much brighter. Then, soon after I got this card, the sun actually DID come out!  It felt like Alvin sent me the sunshine :)

So, I opened up the windows and let the fresh air flow through the house while I worked the rest of the afternoon.  My Monday was definitely getting better!

After work, I decided to take Baxter over to the Chantilly "dog park" so that we could both enjoy the sunshine.  There is a big creek that runs across one side of the park, and it typically overflows with a big rain storm.  It looked like it had overflowed the night before, because there was a bunch of branches, sand, etc. on the banks of the creek.  In all the mess, I came across two pieces of driftwood - free home decor!  Another fun surprise for my Monday!!!

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