Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Again! But Sunny Skies and Fun Stuff In the Forecast for this Weekend!

Well it is snowing again in Charlotte today, they are calling for 4-5 inches overnight, I can't believe it!  Luckily, the sun is supposed to be back out this coming weekend for all the fun things going on around town....

(1) Southern Spring Home and Garden Show
(2) International Collectibles and Antique Expo
(3) Mitchell Gold Factory Outlet SALE!
(4) Attic Sale at Holy Trinity in Dilworth

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pictures from my trip to Sleepy Poet last weekend.  If you've never been, this place is a big warehouse full of different booths, each with their own style and price ranges.  Here are some of my favorite things....


  1. are you sure that you and Susan were not switched at birth?

  2. Holy moly, RR - I'm loving all of the blog posts! And you are definitely making me want to go shopping... my tail may be making it down to CLT soon to go shopping with you!

  3. That place is AWESOME!!! How come we didn't know about? Please let me know the next time you go back!!